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Rules & Statutes

This section of our website includes information on current Division of Building Safety statutes and rules.

Statutes & Legislation

Most DBS legislative proposals are submitted by the respective boards. All Idaho statutes are passed by the Idaho State Legislature. Our state’s legislators convene every January to consider new laws (statutes). Click here during the legislative session to listen live to the Idaho Legislature. A full list of Idaho statutes can be found on the Idaho State Legislature website.


The Division of Building Safety is responsible for the administrative rules that clarify how building safety statutes should be administered. Each year DBS may propose new rules and amend or repeal existing rules. Most rules are promulgated by the respective boards. The proposed rules or changes are then subject to approval by the Idaho Legislature. Most of the DBS rules can be found on the Department of Administration’s Division of Building Safety page. The Logging rules and some Industrial Safety rules can be found at the Department of Administration’s Industrial Commission page.

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