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Electronic Plan Submittal

You have been invited to a project. The invitation gives you access to the electronic plan review system of the Division of Building Safety (DBS). As an Applicant, you will be able to upload the construction documents, view the document markups made by the reviewers, upload revised documents and download the approved documents. What follows are basic instructions on how to use this system.

Step 1: Login
Click on the email link to the website You may want to bookmark this site or add it to your favorites list. The initial invitation provided you with a temporary password. After you login the first time you will be directed to select a new password. You will also need to turn off pop-up blockers or add the url to allow pop-ups. This can be done in Internet Explorer by going to Tools, Pop-Up Blocker Settings. The first time you use ProjectDox, the ProjectDox components must be installed. Please refer to the ProjectDox Components Installation Instructions.

Step 2: Select the Project
Select the Project you would like to access under the “project” column.

Step 3: Upload Documents
After you select the project you will see four file folders on the left. Drawings are to be uploaded to the “drawings” folder. All other documents such as specifications, calculations and reports are to be uploaded to the “documents” folders. When the documents are approved they will be moved to the “approved contract documents” folder. Drawings and documents that are produced after the approval of the contract documents are to be uploaded to the “addendums & deferred submittals” folder.


Drawing files may be in any drawing format including CAD (bind Xrefs before uploading), PDF and TIFF. There is no need to convert the files to a particular format before uploading. The files will be converted into a proprietary format for our review work. The original uploaded files are saved on our server but they are not distributed or made public in any way. If you are uncomfortable with uploading CAD files, you may convert them to PDF, TIFF or some other nonCAD format. Text files such as specifications, calculations and reports should be in MS Word DOC or PDF format.

Click on the appropriate folder for the documents to be uploaded. If the folder is empty you will see a screen similar to below. If files already exist two buttons “view folders” and “upload files” will be near the top left corner. Click on the “upload files” button to select your files and upload.

Step 4: Complete the Applicant Upload Task
After your files have been uploaded, you must complete the ApplicantUpload task in order to notify the the reviewers you are done. Click on the “Workflow Portals” tab and then the ApplicantUplad task as shown below. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the task.

Document Submittal is Finished
If revisions need to be submitted, repeat this process. Please use the same file names as the original file when submitting revisions. These will show as new versions of the document in the system and not overwrite the existing documents. Do not upload revisions until after you have received notification that revisions are required.

Viewing the Plan Review Markups or Results
Login, select the project and open the folder “drawings” or “documents” as explained above.


When you see the icon markup_icon to the right of the file thumbnail there are markups on that file. To view the markups click on the icon markup_icon. This will open a list of markups such as below left.


Place a check in the box under “view” for the markups you wish to view by clicking on those boxes. Click on “View/Edit”. You will see a screen like above right.

At the top right you see a box with tabs labeled “title, “author” and “date”. Each tab lists the markups sorted as the tab suggests. Click on the chosen markup listed in that box and the comment will appear in the larger box below it and the document view will shift to the location of the markup.

Viewing and Downloading Approved Documents
When the documents are approved they will be moved to the folder “Approved Contract Documents”. You will be notified when this happens. These will bear an approval stamp and any markup that were not previously resolved. This will not occur until after the plan review fee has been paid unless other arrangements have been made. Projects administered by the Idaho Division of Public Works have a different fee payment arrangement.

To download the files, place a check in the box between the document thumbnail and the file name by clicking on that box. To select all the files in the folder click on the corresponding box in the header row immediately above the document thumbnail and the file name list. Now click on the header row icon header_icon.


You will see the above on your screen. Click on the download button and save the files to the location of your choice. Then click on the “delete zip files” button. You may use these downloaded files to print paper copies of the approved plans or distribute them to others as needed.


Plan Review Forms & Applications

Plan Review FAQ


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