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Homeowners Guidelines for Renewal Energy and Power Generating Systems Electrical Plans Inspection

All electrical equipment, materials, and installations shall be governed by the 2017 National Electrical Code and local codes as adopted. For question concerning the National Electrical Code and local adopted codes contact your regional Electrical Inspector.

Email the following information to a Electrical Plans Examiner at:

  1. Permit Number
  2. Home owners name and address
  3. Email contact information (all invites, plans submittal information, corrections and approvals will be sent to this email)
  4. Home owners performing grid tied renewable energy installations will be charged $65 an hour plans inspection fees. Fees shall be due prior to receiving approval for plans and must be paid in full prior to purchase of an installation permit.

Upon receiving the above information, you will receive an email inviting you to participate in an online plans inspection. To ensure expedient approval of your plans the following information is required to be uploaded.

  1. Drawings and Documentation:
  2. Drawings and Documentation shall be legible, accurate, and clearly show all system installation information. (Generic and hand drawn One-Line Diagrams are not accepted for an Electrical Plans Inspection. Several examples of and programs for One-Line Diagrams can be found on the Internet; there are also several web-based programs available, including some that are free.) **
  3. Specification manuals and documents (including listing and labeling) of all components required for the Renewable Energy and Power Generating System/s to be installed. **
  4. The correct Permit Fee has been paid and a current State of Idaho license for the work to be done. **
  5. An accurate and detailed One Line Diagram from the power generation equipment to the system point of connection, transfer switch or intersystem connection point.**
  6. A site map is required to show the location of all the components. **

**Failure to submit the required information as denoted and outlined can result in a Failed Plans Inspection and require a resubmittal which can cause a delay in receiving a Final Inspection**

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