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Homeowners Electrical Licensing Exemption

During the 2017 Legislative session the homeowners licensing exemption language changed. Previously the scope of work homeowners could perform was limited to “in” their primary or secondary residence. The new language allows for homeowners to perform non-commercial work anywhere on their property connected to a home owner’s primary or secondary residence. It needs to be understood that this is a licensing exemption only.

So, what does this mean? Although homeowners are not required to be licensed electricians they still will need to purchase electrical permits and have all required inspections conducted. Additionally, homeowners who are performing renewable energy installations that are connected to a utility/power provider’s grid will be required to participate in a plans inspection process at the rate of $65 an hour. Homeowners performing renewable energy installations not connected to a utility/power provider’s grid will also be required to participate in a plans inspection with no additional fees other than the required electrical permit.

Property or land owners will now be able to perform any type of electrical work on the land that their primary or secondary residence sits on. This work has to be non-commercial. Otherwise, a home owner cannot install a commercial R.V. Park, commercial dairy barns or other agricultural or industrial structures used for commercial purposes. The installations have to be connected to the use of the primary or secondary residence.

We appreciate your patience while we develop the procedures to implement this new statute. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

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