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Homeowners Electrical: How Do The Fees Work?

New Residential: Single Family Dwelling
Home owners building a new residential single family dwelling unit will need to determine the total square footage of the residence based on the living space. You do not need to include the garage or other outbuildings in this calculation. Once the total square footage is determined pay the appropriate fee.

Existing Residence, Modular, manufactured or mobile homes and detached shops.
Homeowners who are doing work on an existing residence, building a detached shop or installing a modular, manufactured or mobile home are to pay a $65 fee plus an additional $10 per branch circuit. There may be situations where it is less expensive to pay for this permit using the “new residential single family dwelling” permit fees as determined by the total square footage of the structure. Other non-commercial structures being built by home owners ie… hobby barns, green houses etc… shall be calculated using the “other installation” fee schedule.

Temporary Construction Services
Temporary construction services are installed for use during the construction phase of projects only. This permit is required in addition to any other permits purchased. Temporary construction permits expire after one year and will be detached from the utility by the power provider one year after the purchase of the permit. Do not purchase a temporary permit with the intention of using it as permanent power. These permits can be purchased for $65.

Pumps-water, irrigation, sewage
Home owners installing pumps for domestic water, irrigation or sewage are required to pay a $65 permit fee. Home owners are not permitted to perform electrical installations of submersible pumps being located in public lakes, ponds, swimming or marine areas.

Plan Check
Plan checks are required for renewable energy installations that will be tied to the grid at the rate of $65 an hour. Home owners performing grid connected renewable energy are required to participate in a plan check and pay all plan check fees incurred. They will then have the cost of the system calculated using the “other installations” fees and added to the plans check permit. Non-grid connected alternative energy installations will still be required to have a plans check but will not incur an additional charge above the required electrical permit fee. Non-grid connected fees are calculated using the “other installations” fees schedule. Home owners are encouraged to purchase plan checks for electrical installations being performed. This can cut down in costly rework and gives the inspectors the opportunity to advise the homeowner of possible issues with the installation. Plan checks can be purchased at a cost of $65 an hour.

Requested Inspections
Requested inspections can be called for the following categories at $65 an hour.

Findings reports are used when an individual wants an inspector to generate a list of code violations or safety concerns.

Consultation inspection is conducted when an individual wants an inspector to advise them on possible code violations or issues that may arise with an intended installation. This is not an opportunity for the inspector to engineer or design the installation for you. Inspectors can simply advise you of the codes that apply to your installation. You are responsible for the designing, engineering and laying out of your installation.

Power off over one year inspections are only to be used by realtors requesting power to be turned on to an existing property. If you are a realtor do not call an electrical contractor to perform a power off over one year inspection. An inspector will inspect the service and equipment connected to the service to ensure it is safe to energize. If the inspector determines that the service and all connected equipment is safe to energize, a notice will be sent to the responsible utility. If the service or any connected equipment is determined to be unsafe the inspector will change your permit type to a findings report listing all issues. The realtor cannot perform the corrections, they are required to hire a state of Idaho licensed electrical contractor to perform the necessary corrections.

Residential Spas, Hot Tubs, Swimming Pools
Home owners installing a spa, hot tub or swimming pool are required to purchase a permit for these types of installations at $65 per visit. There are many codes related to these types of installations. You will want to make yourself aware of these prior to the purchase of this type of equipment. It would be advisable to purchase a requested inspection prior to the purchase of a spa, hot tub or swimming pool. Load calculations are required to ensure the service is sized sufficiently to carry the electrical load associated with any electrical. These installations often require the upgrade of the electrical service to the house. There are many bonding and location codes associated with spa’s, hot tubs and swimming pools. If you are not familiar with these it may be necessary to hire an electrical contractor to perform the installation for you.

Residential Electric Space Heating and Air Conditioning
Home owners installing space heating or air conditioning branch circuits or feeders are required to purchase a $65 installation permit. There may be additional fees and permits required for the inspection of the unit itself.

Other Installations including Solar/Renewable Energy
Utilize this fee schedule for all installations not listed above. Solar plans reviews at $65 an hour are in addition to these fees for the actual installation of the solar or renewable energy system. If you are unsure how to permit an installation, use the “other installations” fee schedule. Individuals performing the installation of a grid tied renewable energy system shall not purchase this permit for the installation of the system prior participating in the required plan review, paying for the fees incurred and receiving a passing result. If you purchase a permit for a grid tied renewable energy system prior to participating in the plan review your fees will not be refunded.

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