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Guidelines for Solar Photovoltaic Limited Electrical Contractors, Installers and Trainees

DAPA 07.01.04 covers the rules governing limited electrical contractors, installers and trainees.

The following rules apply to install a listed panel mounting/racking system, install panels on the listed panel mounting/racking system, install wires, components, devices up to and including the inverter for DC systems and the AC combiner box.

  1. The installing limited electrical contractor shall be licensed in the state of Idaho in the Solar Photovoltaic category.
  2. A limited electrical installer licensed in the state of Idaho in the Solar Photovoltaic category shall provide effective supervision for limited electrical trainees. (This means being onsite during the installation observing the work being performed by the trainees.)
  3. Limited electrical trainees shall be registered with the Idaho Division of Building Safety and effectively supervised at all times.
  4. Any individual installing the listed panel mounting/racking system and panels shall be licensed and registered with the state of Idaho in accordance with 1-2 above.
  5. The limited electrical solar contractor shall obtain a permit for the portion of work they are installing. This means you cannot perform work under an electrical contractors or home owners permit.
  6. The installing limited electrical PV contractor shall submit for a plans inspection of the PV system prior to a final inspection being conducted.
  7. A limited electrical PV contractor license covers the installation of Solar PV D.C. systems and Solar PV A.C. systems only. It does not cover the installations of battery storage systems, energy storage systems, hydro, wind and other interconnected power production sources. All of this will require a licensed electrical contractor to permit and install.
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