Building a Safer Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions - Building Program


What are the current building codes adopted for use in Idaho?
Codes currently adopted are listed in the Idaho Statutes Title 39 Chapter 41.
Does the State have any amendments to the building code, residential code or energy code?
Yes. See section 004 of the 07.03.01 - RULES OF BUILDING SAFETY.
Who has building code jurisdiction on my project?
Schools: Public school building plans shall be approved by the Division of Building Safety (DBS) or eligible local building code enforcement jurisdictions, whichever the school district elects. For more details, see 39-4113 (4) I.C.
Modular Buildings: Buildings built in one place with the intent to move the building to another site for placement are under the jurisdiction of DBS for the construction that is done at the place of manufacture. Work that is done on the placement site is under jurisdiction of the city or county. Please contact the city or county.
Manufactured Homes: Manufactured Homes (HUD) are regulated under the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, which is preemptive over construction standards established by states and local governments.
Private Buildings: The Building Program of DBS does not have jurisdiction over site-built private structures if the building or structure is not one of the above. Contact the city or county.
Where can I find information regarding tiny houses, manufactured homes, modular buildings and recreational vehicles?
Please view this brochure of classifications and regulations for tiny houses, manufactured homes, modular buildings and recreational vehicles.