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This notice is being provided in accordance with § 55-2209, I.C. Please be advised that chapter 22, title 55, Idaho code requires all persons to comply with the legal requirements related to the prevention of damage to underground facilities. Anyone securing a permit from the DBS that may include excavation activity should be aware of the legal requirements — particularly the requirement to call 811 prior to excavating.

Also, be advised the portion of the permit directly relating to excavation may be suspended by the DBS if the permit holder violates any provisions of chapter 22, title 55. If so, it may be reinstated at no charge within forty-eight (48) hours of receiving evidence of compliance with the Underground Facilities Damage Prevention laws.

What is a permit?

A permit grants the holder authorization to perform specific construction and/or installation work. Permits are assigned a unique document number which is required when requesting inspections and approval of the work.

What to do when you purchase your permit?

When you have applied for your permit and paid the required fee, work can begin.

When you are ready for an inspection you must call our inspection line (1-800-839-9239) or visit our Permitting and Inspections web site (eTRAKiT) to schedule your inspection. If your inspection has passed its final, your job is considered complete.

If the inspector notes deficiencies during the inspection that cannot be fixed immediately, corrections must be made. You must call the inspection line or visit our Web site to schedule a re-inspection.*

*Any outstanding inspection fees must be paid prior to scheduling a re-inspection. A re-inspection fee of $65.00 may be charged on Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing permits. Please note requirements to call 811 prior to excavating.

Permit Refund Process

Permit Refund Process

How do I apply for a permit online?

This PDF document explains the steps to take when applying for a permit.

Definition List
Notice of Correction (NOC):

A formal notice of items that need to be corrected that were identified by an inspector.

Notice of Violation (NOV):

A formal notice of at least one specific area of non-compliance with the Idaho Statutes & Rules as administered by the Division of Building Safety.

Enforcement Permit:

An Enforcement Permit is issued only by a state inspector and only in cases where a contractor or homeowner has failed to purchase a required permit for work already completed. Fees charged for an Enforcement Permit are double the original amount due to the failure to permit.

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