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The Building Safety News was published semi-annually by the Division of Building Safety to inform the public and the construction industry about the Division and the programs it administers.


Editor: Bill Hatch
Design: Jan Maupin

The Idaho Logging Safety News is published quarterly by the Logging Safety Program. It is mailed to all logging companies in Idaho. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Dec 2021 – Volume 32, Issue 4

Content highlights include:

  • Cable Logging Specialist Visits Idaho Logging Companies
  • Teachers Wanted!
  • Company Accident Prevention Plan that Will Work for You

Previous Issues:

Dec 2021 – Volume 32, Issue 4
Jun 2021 – Volume 32, Issue 2
Feb 2021 – Volume 32, Issue 1

Dec 2020 – Volume 31, Issue 4
Sep 2020 – Volume 31, Issue 3

Dec 2019 – Volume 30, Issue 3
Sep 2019 – Volume 30, Issue 2
Jun 2019 – Volume 30, Issue 1

Notifications and Procedure Changes

Notice of Procedural Changes Affecting Licensed Contractors – Dec 20122

News Releases

Publications and Brochures

Public Service Announcements

The following announcements have been distributed to radio stations throughout Idaho. They are compressed mp3 files and vary in length from thirty to sixty seconds.

Check With Us – DBS and Better Business Bureau

Lights Out

House Fire

Mold Monster

Honey I’m Home

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