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Notice of Correction (NOC)
A formal notice of items found during the course of an inspection which must be corrected before approval is granted.

Notice of Violation (NOV)
Notice of Violation: a formal notice of at least one specific area of non-compliance with the Idaho Statutes & Rules as administered by the Division of Building Safety.

Enforcement Permit
An Enforcement Permit is issued only by a state inspector and only in cases where a contractor or homeowner has failed to purchase a required permit for work already completed. Fees charged for an Enforcement Permit are double the original amount due to the failure to permit.

Performing Your Own Electrical, HVAC, or Plumbing Work

What is a permit?
A permit grants the holder authorization to perform specific construction and/or installation work. Permits are assigned a unique document number which is required when requesting inspections and approval of the work.

  • The person applying for the permit must be the owner of the property at the time of the application. You (the owner) must personally perform all of the work. The owner is not required to be licensed for this work. This applies to primary or secondary residences only.
  • ELECTRICAL PERMITTING ONLY – If you own the residence, but lease or rent the house to another, you must hire an Electrical contractor to purchase the permit and perform the Electrical work.
  • Inspectors are not permitted to design a system for you but they will be happy to answer questions regarding safety standards and national codes. NOTE: Only qualified contractors and inspectors have the training and experience to give proper advice on safety standards and national codes.
  • An inspector may, during reasonable business hours, re-inspect or test any installation. If at any time the inspector finds violations of safety standards or national codes, you will be notified of the corrections to be made.

Performing Your Own Manufactured Home Installation

What is a Manufactured Home Installation permit?
A permit grants the holder authorization to install manufactured homes in areas where there is not an approved local building program. Permits are assigned a unique document number which is required when requesting inspections and approval of the work.

  • A homeowner may purchase a permit. However, to have an inspection done a Manufactured Home Installation Checklist must be completed by a licensed Manufactured Home Installer.
  • Download the Manufactured Home Installation Permit Application here.

What is an Installation Tag?
An installation tag is used to maintain a registry of new manufactured home installations in the State of Idaho.

  • A licensed Manufactured Home installer or homeowner may purchase a installation tag.
  • A home is considered “new” if it has not previously been installed.

Hiring a Professional

  • Idaho statutes require that any individual or company performing Electrical, HVAC or Plumbing work in the state obtain the required licenses.
  • If you, as the owner, choose to hire a contractor, you must verify that the contractor is properly licensed with the Division of Building Safety. Contractors are required to obtain permits in their name. Contractors may not legally perform work under a property owner (homeowner”s) permit.
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