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Manufactured Housing Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile home is a structure built prior to June 15, 1976. For information regarding Mobile Home Rehabilitation, please see the MOBILE HOME REHAB FAQ. A manufactured home is a structure constructed after June 15, 1976, built according to the Federal Manufactured Housing and Safety Standards Act (HUD Code). A manufactured home is for residential use only. Manufactured Homes (HUD) are regulated under the preemptive construction standards established by states and local governments. For an expanded definition of a manufactured home (i.e., length, size, chassis or foundation and utility requirements), see I.C. §39-4105. A modular building is any building, other than a manufactured or mobile home, that is of closed construction and is either entirely or substantially prefabricated or assembled at a place other than the building site. Modular buildings are built for residential or commercial use and the construction is regulated by the codes adopted by the state.
There are two (2) basic types of installations – permanent and standard set foundation. Permanent Foundation – Yes, a separate building permit and inspection prior to the pouring of the concrete for a Manufactured Home Permanent Foundation Permit is required. Standard Set (Piers & Footings, not permanent) – A separate building foundation permit is not required for a Standard Piers and Footing Set. The piers and footings will be inspected at the time of the installation inspection for the manufactured home.
Either the Idaho licensed manufactured home installer or homeowner can apply for the installation permit and/or installation tag in accordance with Section 44-2202.
An installation permit and installation tag (required only for new homes) is required by Idaho Division of Building Safety prior to starting the installation in areas where there is not an approved local building program. All installations must be inspected and approved by the Idaho Division of Building Safety or the authority having jurisdiction before the manufactured home is occupied.
An installation permit grants the holder authorization to install manufactured home(s). The manufactured home installation permit is issued through the Idaho Division of Building Safety in areas where there is not an approved local building program or by the authority having jurisdiction. Manufactured home installation permits issued by the Idaho Division of Building Safety are assigned a unique document number which is required when requesting inspections and approval of the work.
Even if the homeowner obtains the installation permit and performs the installation of the manufactured home, Idaho Code requires that an Idaho licensed manufactured home installer complete the Installation Checklist. Download the Manufactured Home Installation Permit and Checklist.
The installer or homeowner must schedule inspections through the eTrakiT system or by calling (800) 839-9239.
An installation tag is used to maintain a registry of new manufactured home installations in the State of Idaho. The manufactured home installation tag must be purchased through the Idaho Division Building Safety regardless of which jurisdiction has authority to perform the installation inspection.
An Idaho licensed manufactured home installer or the homeowner prior to starting the installation of the manufacture home in Idaho.
For Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Permit information see “Permits – Frequently Asked Questions
Idaho Code requires the Manufacturers Installation Manual must be used for all NEW manufactured home installations. Idaho Code requires the Idaho Manufactured Home Installation Standard must be used for USED manufactured homes or any mobile home.
A home is considered “new” if it has not previously been installed or occupied.
The purpose of the permit system is to ensure compliance with proper installation and safety standards. The Idaho Legislature authorized a permit fee structure to cover the costs of administrating the program.
The Idaho Division of Building Safety no longer maintains records on data plates or compliance certificates. To obtain this information, please contact the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS) at (703) 481-2010, visit or email
Please view this brochure of classifications and regulations for tiny houses, manufactured homes, modular buildings and recreational vehicles.
The Idaho Division of Building Safety requests you complete the required applications that can be faxed or emailed to the below:
Fax – 1-877-810-2840
Email –
If you need assistance processing your application, please contact one of our team members at 1-800-955-3044.
Please check with your local building department or the Idaho Division of Building Safety on who has jurisdiction.
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