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Licenses – Frequently Asked Questions


See the Licensing & Continuing Education page for information about electrical, HVAC, manufactured housing, plumbing, and public works licensing. You may also contact the DBS office at 1-800-955-3044 to speak with a specialist in licensing policies and processes.
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Please review the license renewal information for your trade and license type.
Persons who perform electrical, HVAC or plumbing work without a required state-issued license or who violate other applicable codes or rules are subject to civil penalties. It is unlawful to engage in public works contracting without first having acquired an Idaho Public Works Contractor License of the proper class. The Division of Building Safety may impose substantial administrative assessments for contractor violations. It is unlawful to engage in construction management services on public works projects without first having acquired an Idaho Construction Manager License. Violations of this provision may result in significant administrative assessments.
Yes. The states that Idaho has an agreement with are listed in the Reciprocal Information document.
No. Landscapers and sprinkler installers do not need to be licensed with DBS. You may, however, need to be registered with the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licensing (IBOL). You can reach them at (208) 334-3233 or online at Once you’ve registered with IBOL, DBS will establish an account allowing you to obtain permits.


Each licensed Journeyman and Master electrician must provide 24 hours of Idaho approved continuing education in order to renew their license. Of the 24 hours, 8 hours must be Code Update. The remaining 16 hours of continuing education can be from any combination of the three categories of Idaho approved continuing education that include Code Update, Code Related, or Industry Related. These credits must have been obtained in the three (3) year period between renewal of such licenses. Additionally, licensed individuals will be able to receive up to four (4) hours of continuing education credit by attending board meetings and negotiated rule meetings.
Yes. After December 31, 2013, plumbing journeyman and contractors will be required to have the minimum hours of continuing education to renew their license. Journeymen must complete eight (8) hours of continuing education for every three-year license cycle, or complete an exam administered by the Division. Of the required eight (8) hours, four (4) hours must be plumbing code update related and the other four (4) hours may be industry related training. Contractors must complete sixteen (16) hours of continuing education for every three-year license cycle. Hours accrued obtaining journeyman education may be applied toward this requirement whenever applicable. Beginning January 1, 2013, those holding a valid journeyman license may take the CEU exam administered by the Division of Building Safety. A fee of fifty ($50) dollars must be paid before taking the exam. Click here for more information regarding CEUs.
There are no Continuing Education Requirements (CEU) for HVAC at this time.
Yes. Manufactured housing installers must show satisfactory proof of completing at least (8) eight hours of continuing education that was obtained in the last (3) years preceding the renewal date of their license.
The Idaho Division of Building Safety (DBS) has partnered with CE Broker to track and manage the continuing education requirements for our licensed professionals. This means that you will have a powerful new tool at your fingertips to help you increase attendance at your CE courses! You will find approved courses, and account login information at
As of May 1, 2018, Idaho no longer accepts CEU courses obtained from out of state.
Go to and complete the enrollment. DBS only requires enrollment in the free “Basic” plan, although you may opt to purchase one of the higher plans at your own expense.

CEU Providers/Sponsors

Please review this online training for information on how CEU providers and sponsors are to use CE Broker to track the training they provide.
You can find approved courses here.
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