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Important Announcements

DBS Website Updates and Improvements


The Division of Building Safety has introduced a new version of their website at The new site looks very similar to the site you know, but this new version features numerous improvements and functions.

  • Responsive template – The site will resize itself to fit whatever screen you browse it on, from a cell phone to your tablet to your computer screen.
  • Enhanced FAQs – The FAQ pages now hide the answer until you click/tap on your question. This makes it easier to find your question and read the answer.
  • Enhanced A-Z Directory – All of the A-Z directory on one page! Just expand the letter you want to look under, or expand the entire list to see everything there is. No more reloading the page every time you change letters!

Please note that while everything that was on the old site was migrated to the new website, the address of some of the content has changed. If you have saved bookmarks to certain pages or resources on the DBS website it is recommended that you update them from of the new website. You may use the site menu, use our site search or browse the A-Z directory to locate the resources you are looking for.

If you encounter any errors or problems with the site, please notify with the address of the page and a description of the problem.


Erik Reager
Web Design Specialist
Idaho Division of Building Safety

New Payment Processing Changes


Effective October 1, 2016 DBS customers will see a change in the way their financial transactions are handled.  The Division of Building Safety will join other state and local government agencies in utilizing Access Idaho to process our online payments and other credit card transactions made in person or over the phone.  This change is being made to provide our customers a broader range of payment options and to strengthen the security of our payment processing system.

DBS will now be able to accept the following methods of payment:

         Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and the ability to use an E-check

Access Idaho will assess a Portal Administration Fee based on the payment method utilized.

  • Users will see a non-refundable fee of 3% for the use of Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, and American Express cards.
  • Customers using the E-check payment option will pay a non-refundable fee of $1.50 for using an E-Check online.

These fees are paid to Access Idaho, not to DBS.

The Division is also adopting eGovExpress, a new and convenient feature for those who conduct frequent online transactions. Selecting the eGovExpress payment choice online will:

  • Expedite the checkout process
  • Allow users to store multiple payment methods
  • Make it possible for users to pay other Idaho state agencies
  • Enable users to view payment transaction history and create custom notes
If you have questions or need additional information about these changes, please contact the Division at 1 (800) 955-3044.  

Notice of a Temporary Change in Journeyman to Apprentice Ratio on Residential Jobs.


In response to the tremendous expansion in residential electrical work in the state, and the lagging availability of journeymen to perform and supervise the installation of electrical systems in new homes, the Idaho State Electrical Board has determined, in accord with the provisions of IDAPA that special circumstances exist in the marketplace, which allow for the temporary modification of the requirement for direct supervision of apprentices by journeymen. As such, effective today, the journeyman to apprentice ratio for electrical work in one and two-family dwelling units is temporarily modified to allow for three apprentices to one supervising journeyman in the following specific circumstances:

  1. The electrical work is being conducted in a one or two-family dwelling.
  2. One of the three apprentices has successfully completed at least two years of apprenticeship schooling, and has accumulated at least 4000 hours of verifiable residential wiring experience.
  3. The apprentice referenced in (2) above shall carry on his person at all times:
    1. proof in the form of an attestation from the contractor that he has the requisite 4000 hours of residential wiring experience, and
    2. copies of certificates of completion for year one (1) and year two (2) of an approved electrical apprenticeship school.

As a temporary modification, this policy will be reviewed by the board at its next meeting and subsequent meetings to determine if the policy is still necessary.  Failure to be able to provide the required documentation on the jobsite will leave the contractor and apprentice subject to the normal requirements for direct supervision of apprentice electricians, as well as all disciplinary provisions inherent with those requirements.