Building a Safer Idaho

Frequently Asked Questions - Codes

What are the current codes adopted for use in Idaho?
Codes currently adopted are listed one page for your reference. Click this link to view the page.
Does the State have any amendments to the building code, residential code or energy code?
Yes. See section 004 of the 07.03.01 - RULES OF BUILDING SAFETY.
Who do I contact with questions about code requirements?
If you have code questions you may call our office at 1-800-955-3044 or (208) 334-3950. You will be directed either to one of our code specialists or to the inspector in your area who can answer your questions. You may also contact your inspector directly by clicking here for a listing of the inspector directories. A third option is to contact the Area Supervisor or the Program Manager at (800) 955-3044.
If I have questions regarding code whom do I contact?
Call (800) 955-3044 and ask to speak with the applicable Program Manager.